Italian designers are surely global frontrunners when it comes to cutting edge fashion and innovative design (as evidenced by our previous coverage of the 2007 Milan Furniture Fair). With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that AKA Architetti has just won an international competition for their development of a single-family, green home prototype that’s energy efficient, site adaptable, and incredibly stylish in its integration of interior and exterior architectural features.

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AKA Architetti’s award-winning residential design ‘Prototipo di Casa Unifamiliare‘ will be commercialized in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland with the first units scheduled to be built in Darb, Germany this year. This one-family residential prototype is 1,400 sf with expansive first floor windows and an open plan that blurs the boundaries between the domestic living quarters and the surrounding landscape. The second floor unit allows for more intimate, private spaces and is constructed entirely of wood. A green space patio also extends the footage of the second floor so that it is at tree level and naturally cooled by breezes and plantings.

The award-winning prototype utilizes eco-friendly materials (specifics of which are not yet provided on the architects’ website), photovoltaics on the pitched roof, and the latest in energy-saving devices and home appliances. The architects also designed the green home to be flexible to site demands in order to maximize on potential environmental benefits from proper solar orientation. Who would have thought that family dwellings of the future would take on such chic, sustainable dimensions?

+ AKA Architetti via Jetson Green