Samples! Product representatives have opened our eyes before about their company’s sustainable efforts. So we were thrilled to receive this sample bracelet from 3form, a company that makes laminate panels for walls, doors, stair treads, tables- pretty much anything you can think of.

The bracelet is fabricated from the company’s Ecoresin, which is a non-toxic polyester resin. (They also offer a line called 100 Percent, which is made entirely from post-consumer HDPE.) Rather than sandwiching bamboo, glass, fabric, or any of the other popular materials inside the Ecoresin, 3form created a version which they call Ithemba, which translates as “hope” in the native language of the Xhosa – a people of South Africa.

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For the Ithemba products, 3form partnered with a non-profit group in Africa which works with women who have been affected by HIV or AIDS. The women craft a wire mesh and beaded tapestry, which has attained marketability in part thanks to 3form’s support. Ithemba is one of the products derived from 3form’s “Full Circle” philosophy, which aims not only to use recycled and renewable materials, but also to make a positive social impact on the world.

3form manufactures Ithemba into its standard size (4’x8) panels for uses similar to their other available lines. While the Ithemba bracelet is not yet available online, 3form does offer four other varieties through the website, all made from Ecoresin. At a mere 5 bucks a pop, they would make a great gift, especially as they support a good cause; 10% of sales are donated to the Rocky Mountain Institute.

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