One of the most brilliant inventions we’ve seen to date is this mobile, portable structure which provides water purification, electricity and even wireless internet access – all through the power of the wind and the sun. The Ecos LifeLink was released earlier this month by Ecosphere Energy Systems Inc (EES) at the Cleantech Venture Forum in San Francisco, CA.

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The design of the two 20 foot modules make the Ecos LifeLink system easily portable to disaster relief sites and to provide water and electricity to remote locations. The portable wireless satellite system provides internet connectivity which allows for voice over IP and VSAT communication reaching a 30 mile range, while providing 16 kW of power and water filtration that provides 30 gallons per a minute making the most contaminated water sources comply with World Health Organization standards.

The power and portability behind the Ecos LifeLink comes from multiple patent pending technologies from EES, including a powerful solar generator and retractable solar panels. The applications for the Ecos Lifelink are endless, since their mobility allows them to be deployed anywhere in the world, and used by any community.

“Ecos LifeLink is revolutionary in the fact that it will use only the power of the sun and wind to create and store the energy needed to run water filtration components, pumps, or motors. LifeLink can be used to provide water and electricity for a small village. Multiple systems could be used throughout a village to power its school, water system, buildings, and communications systems.”

Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Pioneer and Environmentalist

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