From Salinas, Kansas to the pages of the New York Times, Edible Estates, has had a big year. The combination of increased awareness around resource conservation, rising concern over food safety, and the gourmet cachet of a homegrown vegetable has gotten more people than ever interested in trading a water-hogging lawn for a productive garden. The first Edible Estates front yard makeover took place in Kansas, followed by one in Los Angeles. Now founder/designer Fritz Haeg has plans to take it to the East Coast with a New York lawn; but he hasn’t yet found the perfect site! Do you have a lawn you want to transform within a short distance of New York City? Do you know someone else who does?

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See details below, and if you think you have a lawn that fits the criteria, let the good people at Edible Estates know!


To be planted June 8th – 10th

We are still looking for a front lawn and family in suburban New York City. We will remove the lawn and replace it with an edible landscape responsive to the local climate and context. We will work with the family to create the design and planting list. All labor and materials will be donated.

We are hoping for a slightly more urban, inner city Edible Estate prototype garden for this third edition. This could be New Jersey, Connecticut, Queens, Staten Island, etc but ideally not more than 20 or 30 minutes from Manhattan. Do you know of one that fits our guidelines? Please let us know! info [at] edibleestates [dot] org Prototype arden guidelines here >