Japan just unveiled the future of emergency housing in the form of the Emergency Disaster Vehicle, or EDV-01. The innovative design is fully-automated, capable of automatically doubling its size, and can be transported to anywhere you can set a shipping container. Developed by Diawa Lease, the shelter is a paragon of high-tech Japanese engineering — call it an emergency shelter robot.

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The 10-ton container-sized unit can travel by ship, truck, or even helicopter. Set the EDV-01 down and it quickly transforms into a full-service shelter for medical aid, storage, logistics, or whatever you can think of. Hydraulic pads can level it quickly on uneven ground. Once set, an outer skin raises to create a full-sized second story. Solar electricpanels cover the roof and one side of the building, enabling it to be self-sufficient. Other self-sufficiency measures include a system that collects water condensation, a hydrogen electrolysis system, and satellite dish.

Inside is a sink and shower with a waterless toilet accessible by a separate outdoor room. The rest of the lower half looks to be for storage and on-board equipment. A ladder provides access to the second story, which is a large room with a desk at one end and a couple bunks at the other. The design features a perforated skin reminiscent of Virginia Tech’s Lumenhuas, and it’s every bit as transportable to boot. Check out this action-packed video to learn more.

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