Little green men have invaded the Upper East Side, but they aren’t from outer space. Created by artist Kim Simonsson, the spellbinding moss-like sculptures have taken residence at Jason Jacques Gallery on East 73rd Street until the end of the month. The eerie installations take visitors through a fantastical journey where verdant forest creatures come to life.

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Delving into Simonsson’s world is like awakening in a fantasy of forest nymphs, gnomes and fairies, where the characters are deeply connected to the natural world. Young heroines, two-headed rabbits, and contemplative protagonists are rendered in brilliant green, with mossy furls seeming to grow upon their feet and hands. The characters, often solitary, evoke a feeling of forest magic and lore, akin to a children’s bedtime story. But their solitude also brings on a darker tone, and the viewer might imagine some of the scenes as lifted right from a page of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

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The Finnish sculptor casts the creatures in ceramic, and then hand-coats the smooth surfaces with clumpy flocking that emulates moss. Simonsson allows the flocking to gather in textural lumps in order to recreate moss blooms.

Moss People will continue at Jason Jacques Gallery until October 28th.

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