Hold up Marty McFly – you might think your hoverboard is cool, but can you control it with your brain? The crew over at Chaotic Moon Labs are about to blow your mind with their latest invention, The Board of Imagination, which uses your actual brainwaves to tell it where to go. Anyone brave enough to hop on this electric skateboard just slips on an Emotiv EPOCH headset, sets their trusty synapses a-firing and off they go. Just make sure you keep your balance — the board tops out at 32 miles per hour — and don’t let your mind start to wander or the Board of Imagination will cut your trip short. Check out an incredible video of this vehicle of the future after the jump.

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The Board of Imagination’s predecessor, the Board of Awesomeness, was powered by Kinect for Xbox 360 but the Chaotic Moon Labs crew found that the gaming system had issues when it encountered sunlight, so they decided to set their minds to finding something better. Thus the Board of Imagination was born and could have great implications on the transportation modes of the future.

“It detects your brainwaves, it actually figures out where you want to go. You imagine yourself being there and it takes you forward,” says Phil Wheat, Manager of Chaotic Moon Labs. The Emotiv EPOCH headset is a device created to bring the gaming industry to the next level – it has strategically placed sensors that when worn correctly detect your thoughts and help devices perform actions. This all-electric device is more than a little nifty, it’s downright unbelievable. But we can’t help but wonder if you can fit a helmet over that futuristic headgear.

+ Chaotic Moon Labs

Via The Daily Mail