In the Electrolux Design Lab competition we just mentioned, our favorite submission was probably the HydroSphere – one of the runner-up picks among the nine finalists. The Electrolux Design Lab is an annual competition that challenges design students to find innovative solutions for consumer products. The theme of this year’s competition was focused on food preservation and preparation, encouraging designs that promote healthy lifestyles through healthy eating habits. The HydroSphere is a small self-efficient green house that manages to be a really cool light fixture and science lab all in one.

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Through the use of Hydroponics, a crop production method using mineral enriched solutions instead of soil, and the wonderfully playful 42 centimeter high transparent Sphere that makes up HydroSphere, both green thumbs and new gardeners will get to enjoy their crops grow from the root to the top. Hydrosphere is large enough to tackle herbs, and even small fruits and veggies, making sure you always have some fresh greenery on hand for your healthy lifestyle.

The environment within the HydroSphere is controlled by a smart growth lamp, centrally positioned, that controls both temperature and light, making the whole growing process that much easier on the user. Entirely powered by solar power, the HydroSphere is completely self sustaining; we can’t wait it to hit the shelves.

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