Electric bikes continue to offer an attractive alternative to traditional human-powered bikes, but one of the big trade-offs is the bulky electric drivetrain that has to be bolted on. The electric motor and battery not only add weight, but also ruin the simple design of traditional bikes. German manufacturer Electrolyte offers a new take on the traditional setup that integrates the battery and electric motor into the fork assembly, essentially hiding it from view.

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The Electrolyte e-bike’s front arm integrates theelectric motor, battery pack and electrical controller. Integrating all of the components not only gives the bike a cleaner, less bulky appearance, but the electrical components are also better protected from the weather and dirt. Electrolyte e-bikes are also up to 22 pounds lighter than other electric bikes and have a range between 37 and 62 miles.

Electrolyte offers three models with the arm-integrated electric drivetrain design: the 2-speed Strassenfeger II and Querschläger II, and the 11-speed Brandstifter II. Pricing starts at $5,135.

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Via: Gizmag.com