Today’s top of the line hybrids and electric cars feature expensive systems under the hood that place them out of reach for many buyers. But Elio Motors could change all that with their new P4 – the three-wheeled two-seater vehicle gets up to 84 mpg and only costs $6,800.

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The P4 is a small vehicle that only measures 160 inches long with a 110 inch wheelbase, but Elio Motors says the vehicle was designed to fit a 6’1″ 220 pound person. The tallest person to fit in the P4 was 6’8″, and the largest person weighed 365 pounds. The P4 has room for two passengers that sit in tandem, meaning that the second passenger sits behind the driver. The P4 is expected to get the government’s highest 5-star safety rating thanks to its reinforced roll cage and three airbags.

Under the hood, the P4 is powered by a 0.9 liter three-cylinder engine with 55 horsepower. Buyers can choose from a five-speed manual or automatic transmission, and the P4 has a range of 672 miles with a 84 mpg highway rating. In the city, the P4 is rated at 49 mpg.

Elio Motors is now accepting reservations for the P4, which is going to be built at its plant in Shreveport, LA. Elio Motors has already received over 8,000 reservations, and production is expected to kick off soon.

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