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The tower, which was originally a theoretical challenge initiated by Thierry Bievre, General Director of Elithis Engineering, is made of wood and recycled insulation. Elithis Tower also houses 330 rooftop solar panels and a solar shield to remove excess heat while allowing natural light to filter in. At the same time, emissions from the office are recovered and reused within the Tower.

Elithis Engineering doesn’t want its energy efficiency feat to go unnoticed by workers in the building, so the company designed a public sign that shows off daily energy consumption, courtesy of 1,600 energy and emissions-analyzing sensors. Perhaps best of all, the 54,000 square foot, 10 story building was relatively cheap to construct, costing just $10 million. With a price comparable to that of a traditionally-built structure, Elithis Tower is leading the way in affordable green building.

+ Arte Charpentier Architects