Elon Musk just announced that the New York City to Washington D.C. hyperloop is happening. Taking to Twitter, Musk said that he has received verbal approval to build an underground hyperloop, with at least a dozen entrance/exits in each city. Once completed, riders will be able to travel from city center to city center in under 30 minutes.

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Musk added – again, on Twitter – that there is still work to do to get official approval, but he is “optimistic that will occur rapidly.” The project will be built by The Boring Company at the same time as the Los Angeles hyperloop.

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Right now it takes four hours to drive between New York City and Washington DC, or three hours by train. The hyperloop would dramatically decrease transportation time, though specifics on how it would all would are still sketchy – and, of course, verbal approval is a far cry from having signatures on the dotted line. No doubt Musk will update us as things develop.

via Inverse