High Density green living is on the rise in Elwood, Australia with Crosby Architect’s new Elwood Green project. Living up to its name, the high-density apartment building will house 25 units that are expected to receive an average 6-star rating – the highest honor currently available from the Green Building Council of Australia. What comes as a bit of surprise is the lack of active systems assisting in the green rating, which just goes to show that old ingenuity and smart design can create buildings every bit as sustainable as the most high-tech structures.

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Two four-storey blocks make up the Elwood Green complex, which features floor plans ranging from one-bedroom to three. A wind turbine is planned for the top of one of the elevator towers, and the entire west wall of one of the large building blocks is slated to be entirely covered by vegetation. The complex makes great use of recycled building materials, and bricks from the old building site were integrated into the facade of the new building. It’s clear that Crosby Architects is dedicated to minimizing the energy consumption and the overall lifecycle costs of their projects through the use of innovative materials and technology.

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