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Energy Field, Expo 2012, Atelier Brückner, Tamschick Media+Space, Yeosu, South Korea

Each of the 380 blades in the Energy Field is 59 feet tall, and they tower over pedestrians and traffic on the adjacent street. The blades are made of artificial bamboo fiber, and they sway in the wind like living plants. The reeds also react to their surroundings like living plants; the bamboo is activated by touch, and when people walk through the pavilion they can send out waves and flashes of light.

Deep within the Energy Field, a star-shaped, mirrored pavilion is completely hidden from view, reflecting the LEDs around it. The lighting display shimmers and dances, at times resembling an elaborate fountain. Different settings are meant to simulate changing weather patterns. The project, currently on display at Expo 2012, is also billed as the world’s biggest walkable 3D matrix display (we don’t have any way to prove that, but it sounds nice).

+ Atelier Brückner

+ Tamschick Media+Space

Via The Creators Project

Photos by Nils Clauss and Michel Casertano