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Sweden’s passive house standards call for buildings that use no more than 45,0 kWh/sqm each year, but the Kollaskolan will only consume 38,0 kHw/sqm annually, which is achieved with a variety of techniques. The new school will harvest existing building produced by people and household appliances, thereby reducing the need to produce more energy, and it features superior insulation and sensible cladding to ensure optimum efficiency.

There are plenty of green spaces for the children to enjoy, including a central park on the south side and a communal schoolyard on the north side, which creates a leafy bridge between the old and new school buildings. The street facade consists of light brick while the yard facade is playful and colorful. A large atrium marks the communal spaces indoors and classrooms are set apart for maximum privacy. The combination of energy conservation and education is not only good for the earth, but it’s good for our children too.

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