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Greenhouse Pavilion, Studio Elmo Vermijs, the netherlands, temporary pavilion, recycled materials, upcycled materials

Earlier this summer, Studio Elmo Vermijs was commissioned by Landart 2011 (initiated by Groene Woud and BKKC) to create a meeting place near a farm in Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands. Inspired by the many greenhouses in the surrounding fields and farms, Elmo Vermijs designed a greenhouse-like pavilion. Local demolition and construction companies contributed unused and residual materials to the project. The pavilion is constructed from metal tubes, wooden panels, canvas, wood flooring, and scaffolding. Green translucent panels let in a little bit of light on the sides, while the open-air design provides shade and natural ventilation.

So far this summer, many organized activities have taken place in the pavilion, like spontaneous picnics, storytelling, business meetings, and educational projects. The pavilion was officially opened on June 23, 2011 and it will remain open through the end of September. Located on the Dommel Farm in an open, green meadow, the Greenhouse Pavilion is a quiet and serene place to dawdle, listen to nature, and stare at passing clouds.

Images © Stink Finger / Bob Driessen