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Enota first began their design process by deciding that every apartment would have views of the adjacent park, which would in turn improve the mirco-climate of the building. Following this point, each apartment would have two sides to provide for effective cross ventilation to improve the overall energy efficiency of each apartment. Commercial and office space, along with art galleries, a hotel and restaurants would be then located on the bottom floors and additional spaces would be settled on the ground floor with covered plazas to create an inviting and protected space for residents and visitors to enjoy. The hotel and spa located at the base of the building will feature a green roof with pool and recreational area.

Enota’s design process has revealed a 64,000 sq m mixed-use housing eco project recalling the shape of the lotus flower with its petals opening up towards the sky, trying to soak up the sun’s energy. Cuts in the building’s apartment towers encourage ventilation and daylighting, and views of the park from every apartment give equal importance to every location. At a height of 60 meters high with a depth of 15 meters wide, the building conforms to city regulations as well as the maximum depth required for good lighting in two-sided apartments.

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