The printer giant Epson apparently already solved a conundrum we brought to your attention just a few short days ago. Epson now boasts the world’s first Bisephenol-A (BPA) free thermal receipt paper made with recycled paper. On Monday, we reported on a study that discovered that thermal receipt printer paper is contaminating our supplies of recycled paper products with the BPA that lines both sides of the paper and acts as a receiver for ink. Now that Epson has the solution, we’ve just got to get the word out to the receipt giving culprits. We love a handy solution to a green problem, and this one comes at just $57.91 per case.

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BPA is quite a harmful chemical — it is an endocrine disrupter that mimics hormones in the body — and has been the subject of many studies linking it to prostate and breast cancers, obesity, type 2 diabetes and neurological issues among other things. The fact that it literally smothers 99 percent of receipts you get when you buy something and it has been found in large quantities in the cash supply is not comforting.

Now that we know that there is not only a BPA free option for this issue — Japan has had BPA-free receipts since 2001 — but also a recycled option, we’re overjoyed. Now we’ve got to collectively get on our retailers to make sure this healthier — for humans and the earth — receipt paper gets used.

Via Business Solutions Info