The Estria Foundation recently unveiled the first of ten murals in their “Water Writes” campaign, which focuses on expressing the perspectives of communities that are highly affected by water issues. The initiative is aimed at educating and empowering communities to express their voice visually through public art, and it will travel to ten cities around the world in 10 months to create original murals. The first collaborative mural was completed at the KIPP LA Prep Academy, a charter school recently featured in David Guggenheim’s “Waiting for Superman” documentary.

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Water Writes’ first mural depicts various stories inspired by different cultures in East LA. Water flows from Chalchuiutilcue’s jade skirts, connecting a range of different characters and myths that run along the 25’x100’ wall, ending with Tlaoc, “He Who Makes Things Sprout” – the Aztec River god. The second half of the mural specifically addresses the issue of privatization, illustrating three corporate characters that represent the major corporations that control most of the water on the planet. The Cuidela mural aims to empower communities in the defense of water, while teaching youth how to think critically and express themselves visually.

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