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The Grooming Retreat was commissioned by a young urbanite who moved back to the countryside to work in her family’s agricultural business. In response to the client’s desire for a space for “grooming, contemplation, and delicacy,” the minimal design is divided into an elevated cocoon-like sanctuary for private meditation and a horse station with a water tank and manger. The Grooming Station is located at the center of a barley field surrounded by bushes and wild olive trees and overlooks views of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

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The main elevated structure is made from locally sourced timber and wrapped in layers of translucent white mosquito netting that allow views and natural light to filter through while preserving a sense of privacy. “Learning from the importance and formality of horse grooming before and after riding it, the project intends to gain back the time devoted to one self that modern times has taken away,” say the designers.

+ Mariana de Delás

+ Gartnerfuglen

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Images via Mariana de Delás