Three solar power-generating floating laboratories are currently being built in Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Constructed by Swiss energy company Viteos SA and developer Nolaris, the concentrated solar power plants will be able to rotate 220 degrees, assuming optimal position for capturing sunlight at all times.

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The floating laboratory islands are based on the model of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants that use steam produced through use of hot sunlight to propel turbines. Located 150 meters from the shore, each island is 25 meters in diameter and will be equipped with 100 PV panels. The entire structure rotates 220 degrees, assuming the optimal position for capturing sunlight throughout the day.

The islands are anchored to the concrete blocks at the bottom of the lake by cables and will be plugged into the electricity grid at the shore by Viteos inverters. The labs are scheduled to be completed by August 2013. They will work for 25 years and after decommissioning, all the parts will be recycled.

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