A group called Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles (XRLA) organized a protest on the campus of Universal Studios for Earth Day. A few members of the group climbed the company’s famous globe and superglued themselves in place with the hope of sending a message to NBC and the rest of Hollywood.

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The goal of the protest was to inform the business community in Los Angeles that climate change is real and that we need to take drastic steps to avoid destruction. The group outlined several demands alongside the protest, challenging NBC to publicly act on behalf of the environment.

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The first call to action is for NBC to admit that we are facing an environmental emergency unlike anything we have ever witnessed. Secondly, XRLA wants the studio to inform the public about the truth of climate change and how the government has failed to do anything about it. Thirdly, the group asks NBC to stop accepting ad revenue from companies that deal in fossil fuels, go zero-carbon by 2025 and perform an internal audit that shows its carbon footprint. The last demand is for NBC to hire environmental lobbyists and think-tank personnel to handle climate discussions, as long as their funding sources are completely transparent. XRLA sent a letter to the president of NBC Universal outlining these goals and encouraging the company to take part in building a sustainable future.

Members of Extinction Rebellion come from a variety of backgrounds and professions and are spread across 38 cities in the United States and 49 countries around the world. To date, Extinction Rebellion protests have led to more than 1,100 arrests in the name of bringing awareness to and action against climate change. The organization often works with other environmental groups to meet specific goals and raise awareness.

NBC has not responded to Extinction Rebellion’s letter, though the company did remove the protesters from the iconic globe.

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