Eyejustersare just like a regular set of glasses except they are self-adjustable, allowing the wearer to alter the focus at the twist of a dial. It is hoped that the glasses will be able tohelp those in the developing world who don’t have access to the glasses they need.

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The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. The UK-based Eyejusters have created two sets of glasses (for near and distant viewing) that areadjustable to suit the wearer’s vision preference. The frames are designed to fit any face, are durable enough to be used in most environments, and even come in a range of colors.

All the wearer has to do is simply turn the dial on the side of the glasses and theSlideLens technologydoes the rest. Each SlideLens is a pair of lenses with a special shape that you are able to see if you hold the lens on its side and reflect light from the surface. When these lenses are slid across each other, their combined shapes act as if they were one lens with a changing spherical surface and give clear vision instantly. The magnetic dial can be added and removed when it is needed, such as if you are sharing the glasses with a colleague or friend.

Eyejusters belive that their patent-pending technology has thepotential to transform vision correctionfor hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In the developing world, Eyejusters have a real-world benefit as the plastic lens are reliable, durable and cheap. Unlike alternative liquid-filled adjustable lens technology that are also on the market, the plastic lens allow for all-round greater flexibilty.  The lens even block UV rays to improve eye health.

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