Fadi Sarieddine’s awesome new grass-covered sofa, cleverly dubbed The Mow Chair aims to bring the great outdoors inside. Designed by Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine, this charming ‘living’ piece of furniture debuted at the Milan Design Fair last week. The sleek, wooden chair provides a fresh take on the traditional bench: a layer of living, organic grass lines the top of the seat, providing a nice grassy cushion for your tired bum.

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Sarieddine designed the bench forLocal, a stylish line of furniture and gear that emphasizes practicality. The Mow Chair fits right into this design aesthetic because it serves as both a bench and an indoor plant. Plus, just looking at that bright, green, organic grass is sure to make any viewer pause to reflect on nature.

The Mow Chair is available in one, two or three-seat versions and is produced in Dubai.


Via 3rings