One of the best ways to encourage positive behavior is to make it fun — which is why this amazing musical bicycle bridge by Yeon Jae Won + Soo Jeong Heo really struck a chord with us. An entry in Designboom‘s Seoul Cycle Design Competition, the Xylophone Bridge consists of a series of slats that play a tune whenever a bicycle rolls over them.

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The Xylophone Bridge’s slats are suspended on springs — as the rider travels over the bridge, it compresses the spring and lowers the wooden slat. The slat then pushes down a lever attached to a hammer, which hits a wooden bar and turns on a colored light. Each bar is designed to create a different note, and each harmonizes with the surrounding bars to create sweet riding music. The designers have envisioned a series of xylophone bridges for the city of Seoul, each of which plays a different tune.

The Xylophone Bridge is a shortlisted entry in the Seoul Cycle Design Competition, which was organized by Designboom in collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation. The competition challenged designers to come up with eco-friendly ideas to foster a healthy cycle-friendly city.

Via Designboom