Urban farming projects are poppingeverywhere! A derelict shop in Dalston, London, is yet another site set on urban rejuvenation with its innovative FARM:project. The project, which has transformed an entire four story space, is now home to an urban food ‘hub’ complete with a cafe, arts venue, mini ‘aquaponic’ fish farm, indoor allotments and rooftop chicken coops. Launched in 2010, FARM: is bringing the rural to the urban, with the intention of growing as much food as possible in every corner of the building.

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Designed by Something & Son LLP- an eco-social design practice founded by Andrew Merritt, Paul Smyth and Sam Henderson – the project has big ideas. The collaboration’s goals include inspiring city dwellers to produce their own food and other products; to create a direct connection between countryside farms and city communities; and to grow food commercially by a network of FARM:’s throughout cities, retailing this food within FARM: shops.

Uniting the various farming projects with a rolling series of events in the venue, the team aims to combine “art, engineering and business know-how to find creative ways to improve the world around us”. FARM:London is the first of many spaces in a network of shops and grow sites across the UK, and FARM:shop Dalston is just the beginning of this exciting urban project.

Images courtesy of FARM:shop