There have been some spectacular submissions to the Fashion Museum Omotesando Competition to design a 100 meter high museum for Tokyo’s most en vogue district, and Wing Shun Leung and Donald Shek’s ethereal, multi-layered proposal spattered with colorful plants and flowers really captured our attention. The challenge was to create an environment that could both house the museum’s exhibitions celebrating all things fashion-related, while continuously evolving with its surroundings much like fashion does to intrigue and entice passersby. The milky white layers that form the facade allow daylight to filter through the building and trays overflowing with plants trickle down the side of the tower, achieving a look that is very fashion-forward and constantly interacts with the outside environment on Omotesando Street.

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Each stack that makes up the building will be lined with a bed of sedum and plantation that will act as solar shading to filter direct sunlight as well as add to the aesthetic appeal of the structure. Another interesting feature of Shek’s vision for the museum is the plateaued “cliffs” that jut out from certain levels of the tower forming balconies where visitors can overlook the city.

The building will also have reception and conference areas, offices, a gift shop, and an urban garden. The top floors of the museum will house sky gardens and a sky bar for tourists to enjoy.

Via Designboom