A woman in Finland wanted to convert an abandoned boathouse into a sauna for 12 years, but she couldn’t get municipal approval – so Denizen Works traveled from London to her home in Åland and came up with a viable solution. Responding to stories about a grandfather who used to put runners underneath his sauna and ride around on ice, the designers decided to put the recycled structure on a sled to make it mobile, and the government finally approved the plans. More details after the jump.

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The Denizen sauna is made out of locally-sourced wood and recycled window frames. The interior is clad with sustainably-sourced pine. It was both designed and constructed on site in a mere nine days and comes with concrete footings that anchor the sauna when it’s on flat ground. Otherwise it skates around frozen lakes on sledge runners. And best of all, the sauna, which is a cultural relic in many Scandanavian countries, only cost £3,465 to build!

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