A design for the new Los Angeles NFL stadium is in the works and it is set to be the first NFL stadium ever to become LEED certified. Designed by Aedas, a global architecture firm, the Los Angeles Stadium might be finished as early as the 2011 football season, although what NFL team will make its home there is still unknown. Aedas has designed the eco stadium to be a multi-purpose venue and has also included a significant commercial and entertainment sector. With smart design, reduced CO2 emissions and major recycling initiatives, the LA Stadium will be a great boon to the city.

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Built into the existing topography of the hilly site, the stadium bowl itself will built on grade, reducing the amount of steel needed for structural support by 40%. This reduction in virgin materials is also adding up to significant cost savings, and the proposal for the stadium came in around US$300m-$400m less than other recently proposed NFL stadiums. The Los Angeles Stadium is budgeted for $800m and will include a retail promenade, entertainment zones, VIP boxes, recreation facilities and much more. And when it isn’t football season, the stadium and facilities can be used for many other purposes like soccer games, college and high school football, and large concerts.

This will be the first LEED compliant NFL stadium when built and Aedas has included a number of eco features. Besides the significant reduction of materials, large swaths of area will be green space and help infiltrate storm water. Aedas has also included initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions and the stadium will have many recycling initiatives. The NFL, the city of Los Angeles and Aedas hope that this will be the most environmentally progressive stadium in the U.S.

Via Arch Daily