Biomimicry proved to be all the rage at the Salone Internazional del Mobile this year, with designers drawing big-time inspiration from the wonders of the natural world. Though Finnish textile design studio Woodnotes falls in the same category, their apparent love of ecological structures doesn’t render their work any less unique than that of other eco-emulators. An eye-catching aspect of their booth at the Salone was the Flake Blind which hung delicately amidst their designs. As implied by its given moniker, the Flake Blind was inspired by memories of wintertime bliss and the geometric qualities of a snowflake.

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The blind is made from Tyvek which combines all the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric (and is most often found cloaking houses during the construction process). Despite the fragility of its appearance, Flake’s materiality remains staunchly durable, dust-resistance due to its tightly woven fibers and best of all, biodegradable. Flake is comprised of individual pieces which can be continually added onto, creating the possibility for customizing and enlarging each blind as one sees fit. Flake was recently awarded an interior innovation award at the IMM fair in Cologne.

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