Now anyone can have their very own backyard library! 3rdSpace‘s prefab rooms have been popping up all over as extra bedrooms and offices – and the amazing prefab structures can even make a bibliophile’s dreams come true. One creative customer had one of the flat packed kits transformed into a private backyard library outside his Oxfordshire, England home.

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Because 3rdSpace structures are flat-packed and prefabricated, they don’t require special building permits, and can be easily transported to their future home on a truck. The garden library was installed in the client’s yard in just five days, including custom shelves to house the expansive book collection. Should the client decide to move the building, it can be easily disassembled and moved to another location.

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The front façade of the library is met with floor to ceiling windows, giving ample light for reading during the day, but also giving the illusion of more space. The client’s book collection is visible from the outside, allowing her to admire her books from the main house. The window wall is also lined with blinds, should the client want privacy at night. Outside, the library is clad in black striped paneling, which emulates the spines of the books housed inside.

The library, along with 3rdSpace’s other kits, come in varying sizes for varying needs. The easy flat packed pop-up rooms can add a tranquil, private space just about anywhere.

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