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Swimming Pool, Floating pool, water filtration, Vltava river, Andree Kubna, prague

The floating circular pool would be located in the middle of the river – close to the islands, but before the spillway. Only accessible by boat, the pool offers recreational space for residents of the city without taking up valuable land. A ferry-boat would bring guests over from a dock on the mainland and bring them back when they are finished. Guests could also hire private row or paddle boats to get over by themselves.

The pool is located in the center of the floating oasis and is surrounded by a series of private cabins, changing rooms, restrooms, showers, a sauna, and a steam room. A bar provides food and drink for guests, and a smaller shallower pool is available for younger kids. The river water would be filtered through a textile membrane on the bottom to provide water for the pool. This filter provides cleaner swimming water for guests and could also help improve the quality of the river. In the winter, the pool would be converted to an ice rink and the sauna and steam rooms would remain open for continued use all year-long.

Images ©Andrea Kubná