Dutch designer Floris Hovers created his surprisingly simple ‘Wrapped’ stools out of a few pieces of wood with biodegradable rope wrapped around them. The word ‘Wrapped’ is a translation of the Dutch word ‘Ingewikkeld‘, which means both ‘wrapped’ and ‘complicated’ in one single word – a nod to Hovers’ fixing technique.

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The flat pack stools use neither glue nor screws and consists of some wooden parts and approximately 110 meters of rope. They come in different colors including olive, vermilion, red wine, stone grey and pure white birch plywood. Meassuring 13 x 13 x 18 inches high, they could be used as stools or as handy side tables. A Design Academy of Eindhoven‘s graduate, Floris Hovers explores the relationship between play and work, the balance between man and machine, calling his art “industrial craft”.

+ Floris Hovers

Photo © Floris Hovers