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To keep the message of sustainability at the forefront, Poteet decided to leave the exterior of the shipping container as is, including its original blue color and markings from when it was used to haul goods. The end was cut away and replaced with a large floor to ceiling window, while part of the side was replaced with sliding glass doors that create a flow of both natural light and air. The opposite end’s corrugated walls were kept with a smaller, higher window added, which allows for a private bathroom.

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The sliding doors, which function as the guest home’s entrance, open onto a large elevated deck, which was made using recycled soda caps. Poteet also extended the roof with eaves that hang over part of the deck, guarding it from rain and direct sunlight. At night, overhead lights on the eaves illuminate the deck.

To complete the green masterpiece, the roof has been planted with greenery, including native plants and flowers, which add both charm and natural insulation to the already adorable guest abode.

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