The new “Human Waste & Earth’s Future” exhibition at Miraikan in Japan lets visitors experience what it’s like when their lives are going down the toilet. The creative exhibition invites kids to get flushed, by climbing a flight of stairs to the porcelain throne and sliding down the tubes to enter. To top it all off, each kid is given a poop hat, to crown them on their journey to learn about what happens to human waste.

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The new exhibition goes beyond the tell-tale childhood book “Everybody Poops” and brings thelife of poop into the hands of visitors. Teetering on the edge of the giant toilet bowl, visiting kids can take the plunge into the toilet and thus into the innovative installation. Inside, kids will learn all about human waste through a cast of colorful cartoony characters.

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Aside from getting to experience the flush themselves, kids will learn what is in poop, from detecting a healthy diet to what the contents can do to the environment. The journey into the sewage system is also on the roster, letting kids know where things (other than poop!) go when flushed down the toilet and into waterways.

The kitschy exhibition may make bathroom time seem fun, but more importantly it teaches kids the ins and outs of human waste and its impact on the environment now and in the future.

+ Miraikan Museum

Via Spoon Tamago