Bike commuting is a beautiful thing – it’s an efficient, quick way to get around an urban area and it’s great for your heart. Only problem is those pesky cars that are continually getting in the way! What if you could have your own bicycle traffic lane completely separate from the cars and safely out of their way? Martin Angelov, a Bulgarian architect, came up with this incredible concept for urban bicycle transportation – a bike lane in the sky that he calls “Kolelinia”. It looks a lot like a tightrope contraption, but this fairly sophisticated design is meant to handle commuting bikes on a steel wire high above traffic to connect popular destinations.

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Angelov’s Kolelinia system consists of a series of towers connected by steel wires with a U-shaped rim. The connectors and wires operate in a similar way to a ski lift, except without using electricity. Bicyclists ride up to entrance and put their bike tires into the U-shaped rim and attach their specialized handle to the safety wire. Then they ride across just as though they were riding on pavement. At least that’s how it works in theory. Kolelinia aims to create a new type of transportation experience, and can be installed using a minimal amount of resources.

Angelov’s idea was selected as the City Transportation winner in the “Line of Site” international architecture competition last year, so there are people out there who are interested in the project. Angelov was also asked to speak about the project at Sofia’s TED Conference recently.

You may be concerned about the safety of the cyclist and wondering if this system is even possible. Who knows, but if it is possible, how amazing would it be to ride high above all the cars, zooming along as though you were flying. The only problem would be getting stuck behind a slow rider and not being able to pass them.