Ford is revving up the future of autonomous vehicles with its new Fusion Hybrid. The second-generation Fusion is a departure from previous self-driving cars we’ve seen in testing. Ford opted to disguise the sensors and cameras that aid the Fusion in its operation, resulting in a sleeker body that looks more like a “regular car” than a car of the future.

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With just a few teaser images released so far, Ford is intentionally building up suspense for the full unveiling, which is planned for CES 2017 in Las Vegas later this month. Ford’s chief engineer for the autonomous vehicle program, Chris Brewer, elaborated on the technological advances in a post on Medium. The second-generation driverless Ford Fusion, he says, can “see” two football fields of distance in every direction, and its advanced field of vision means it requires fewer sensors than previous models.

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Ford also announced that it will expand its self-driving test fleet from 30 cars to around 90 in 2017, a big leap forward after just three years of development. The car maker is currently testing autonomous vehicles in California, Arizona, and Michigan, and will soon roll out pilot programs in the United Kingdom and Germany as well.

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Images via Ford