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Seaventures Dive Resort is an all-inclusive resort located on the waters of the Celebes Sea, near Sipadan Island. Now a national park, the area is well-known for its superb scuba diving , featuring coral reefs, tropical fish and sea turtles. Although it may be difficult to get there, once you do you’ll be happy to know that you are just one of only 120 people snorkeling there that day —  strict restrictions have placed on this part of the water by the Malaysian government.

“So far as we know, we’re the only ones in the world using an oil rig as a hotel and diving platform,” said owner Suzette Harris. The used rig was bought in 1988 and towed into the waters where it now sits, it was then renovated into a dive resort and hotel. Although the Seaventures Dive Resort isn’t something that you would consider luxurious, the industrial-looking 25 room  hotel does provide adequate accommodations and could even be a good lesson in living in a tiny space. All meals, boat transportation, dives, and equipment rentals are included in the package deal. And as Harris says, “”You’re not going to come to the rig to enjoy the sunsets. You come to dive.”

Via Wall Street Journal

Images @Seaventures Dive Resort