Construction began this week on Foster & Partner’s CityCenter DC – one of the United States’ largest and most important urban redevelopment projects. The ten acre convention center will be transformed into a mixed-use development that humanizes an otherwise frenetic urban environment with a clustering of four new buildings and a masterplan. Aiming for gold LEED certification in the neighborhood development category, the low-carbon complex will feature a green roof, passive orientation, and lightweight aluminum louvers that will regulate sunlight.

CityCenter DC merges hotels, offices, apartments, restaurants and shops to create the ultimate pedestrian-friendly and low carbon development. By bridging the city’s northern historic district with the southern commercial zone, reinstating 18th century alleyways, and replanting its tree-lined avenues with indigenous species, Foster & Partners introduces a bit of the old DC into this efficient and modern reframing.

The ten acre sweep has been broken into more accessible blocks with a central square and is further expanded with a new urban park designed by Kathryn Gustafson. The landscaping, offices, and apartments have all been oriented to follow the sun’s path, the green roof absorbs water, and 100% of the water used throughout this gargantuan redevelopment project will be recycled. And finally, attractive, lightweight aluminum louvers and vertical shading will keep DC’s hot summer sun to a comfortable minimum.

+ Foster & Partners

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