Foster + Partners’ Kai Tak Cruise Terminalin Hong Kong began construction today. The terminal will be built at the abandoned airport tarmac on the eastern entrance to the famous harbor. While the primary role of theterminal will be to support the coming and going of cruise ships, a huge green park on the roof and multiple adaptive changes in the main building mean that many types of events can be held right on the water. Foster + Partners also promises a slew of sustainable features like renewable energy and rain catchment.

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Hong Kong is perhaps the densest inhabited place on earth so any open land is well coveted. Theterminal is designed to hold 8,400 passengers and 1,200 crew at a time to accommodate the next generation of cruise ships the size of small cities. With such an exemplary location and view of the city the terminal’s most notable features may be for when it’s not serving ships. The concourse areas are designed to change up for multiple uses such as performances, banquets, and exhibits.

The building takes special care to allow for daylight to penetrate into the 70 meter tall main halls. Much of the roof will host a green park for visitors to relax and enjoy the open space, with strategic arching awnings to provide shade and shelter. A substantial green space adjacent to the terminal will be preserved as well.

Fosters + Partners says that “the sustainable design combines a number of energy saving measures and will generate power from renewable sources, as well as making use ofrecycled rainwater for cooling.” The first phase of completion is targeted for mid 2013.

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