Foster + Partners, just announced an exciting new project with car manufacturer Nissan. The two companies will partner to develop and design what they are calling the Fuel Station of the Future. Nissan has been established as a leader in the electric vehicle field, and Foster + Partners is world-renowned for its bold and innovative designs. Together, the two brands will rethink the concept of a fuel station in a world with an ever-increasing number vehicles that run on electricity instead of gasoline.

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Estimates suggest that in just five years’ time, there will be more than one million electric vehicles on the road around the world. With this in mind, it’s clear that future designs will need to take the growing needs of those vehicles into consideration. This partnership between Nissan and Foster + Partners will go way beyond Tesla’s mega network of Supercharger Stations, and seeks to address the question of how zero-emissions vehicles will influence infrastructure needs in the coming years, replacing outmoded gas stations with modern facilities that serve the real population of cars on the road.

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“It seems to be clear that electric vehicles will be a major feature of the urban landscape,” said David Nelson, head of design at Foster + Partners. “And, as a result, this presents an exciting opportunity to rethink the fuel station for future generations; a new approach to design will create a more integrated and communal role within our towns and cities. As the leaders in the electric vehicle market, Nissan has been critical in providing insight on how the motorists of the future will interact with the built environment.”

Nissan took a foothold in the electric vehicle market in 2010 with the global release of the Leaf, the first mass marketed, 100-percent electric vehicle. Now, the company hopes that the resulting vision of the Fuel Station of the Future will not just be a fixture to benefit Nissan owners, but entire communities. By designing infrastructure for a world that is concerned with a zero-emissions society, the car maker and their collaborators at Foster + Partners hope to offer the support necessary for sustainable growth in clean transportation.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles at Nissan, believes this project mark an adventure into an area that hasn’t been explored previously: “This initiative will take the first steps along that road to examine the wider transportation landscape and reimagine the future of mobility, preparing our cities for a more sustainable future.” The final design will be released later this year, and rest assured you’ll see it here on Inhabitat.

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