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The plan begins with the complete take over of Vanderbilt Avenue on the station’s west side, which would be transformed into a pedestrian zone not unlike what has been successfully implemented in Times Square. Recent studies have shown that the Times Square pedestrian plaza has already improved the city’s air quality substantially. Trees, cafes, and public art will be scattered throughout Grand Central’s new outdoor area, activating an entire street that is currently never used.

Wider pavement on the concourse’s south side will allow for bustling travelers and busy New Yorkers to share the sidewalk in peace, while underground spaces that lead to the terminal would be enlarged for safer and faster entry into the terminal.

Inside the concourse, the widening of a number of hallways would allow those rushing toward  the 4, 5, 6, and 7 metro lines to regain some shoulder space on their commute during rush hours.

This plan, if put into action, could allow for Grand Central to again become a beacon of pride for New York City, and one of the most successful transportation hubs in the world.

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