Photo by Rocky Smith

Facebook’s new mascots are a family of foxes that have moved into a zen garden at the company’s Menlo Park Campus! The Facebook Foxes are a hot topic at the social networking giant as employees and visitors catch glimpses of the mamma fox and her three babies prowling the grounds. The mamma, who has been named ‘Firefox’, can be seen hunting and scavenging for her kits, which are ridiculously cute as they cuddle and play in the bushes. Follow along with their adventures at the FB Fox Facebook page.

FB Fox, Facebook Fox, foxes, baby foxes, fox family, facebook, firefox, animals, cuteness overloadPhoto by Karen Patrasko

Foxes have been seen around the Facebook campus for over a year now, but recently a female fox decided to make a den under a deck next to a zen garden between the product and sales buildings. Soon after, three little fox babies, or kits, were born – much to the amusement of employees and visitors. Pictures began sprouting up everywhere to showcase fox sightings, so Alexis Smith, a member of Facebook’s marketing team, created a FB fan page to post pictures of the adorableness.

Since its creation at the end of April, the FB Fox fan page has been liked by over 13,000 people – including Mark Zuckerburg himself. You can also follow along with sightings via the @FBFox Instagram or the #Fbfox hashtag . While taking pictures of the foxes is encouraged, please do not interact with them. The FB Fox page asks, “Please honor the MPK Fox– no chasing or feeding–just mutual respect.” The company also brought in wildlife expert Bill Leikam to give a nature talk about urban grey foxes. See the babies romping around the garden at SFist.

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Images via FB Fox Fan Page and Jeffrey Ferland, Karen Patrasko, and Rocky Smith