When it comes to architecture, it doesn’t get bigger than Frank Gehry – the man is world-renowned, and his buildings are as famous as he is. What he may not be, however, is a brilliant political mind. In a recent interview with Foreign Policy, Gehry weighed in on the merits of having a dictator over a democracy – the latter of which causes far too many ugly buildings.

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The interview took place after Gehry received a shout out from Hillary Clinton in her farewell speech, saying, “we do need a new architecture for this new world; more Frank Gehry than formal Greek.” Gehry’s response, tongue-in-cheek, was that democracy creates chaos. “It means the guy next door can do what he wants, and it creates a collision of thinking. In cities, that means people build whatever they want. I think the best thing is to have a benevolent dictator — who has taste!” Gehry said.

Gehry continued to say that he wishes that there were more consensus-builders like Robert Moses, the man who helped shape modern Manhattan. According to Gehry, “Michael Bloomberg wants to be one. In fact, he promised he would build 10 more of my buildings in New York, but, you know, he hasn’t yet.” Maybe someday.

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