Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most beautiful, and Frank Kerdil’s Noming Vase is no exception. Made from a unique paper-based material comprised of 51% pure chalk, the flat-pack vases are easily assembled origami-style into organically-shaped and steadfastly-waterproof vases to adorn your breakfast table. Their sturdy-yet-flexible form makes them almost impossible to break, a cheeky critique on the legendary Ming vase (hence the name, No…ming– get it?!). And as if you needed another reason to love them, Noming Vases are delivered flat, can be scribbled on and customized, AND are only $15 for a set of four from You Say Tomato, making it that much easier to stop and smell the flowers every day. Thanks to Mark for the tip!

+ Noming Vase

+ $15 for a set of 4 from You Say Tomato