The PRS House in Mereville, France, a 150 square meter of living space, is an answer to sustainability. The design brought forward by Quinze Architecture does not only bring humanity close to nature, but also retains nature in its pristine form.

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Far off shot of the front of the wood building, it is two floors

The first and most impressive fact about the PRS house is its location. The choice of having a living space sandwiched within the woods might be questionable to others, but a view of the PRS would change that perception. It is not an Australopithecus living home, but rather a modern space designed to correspond to natural spaces. Its shape and volume also make it look as if it was part of the natural features that grew with the land.

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A far off shot of the wood house against the valley landscape

The other notable feature is its proximity to water. Being at the center of a valley with a river below, the views are breathtaking. The beauty of it all is that neither the structure of the house, nor the materials used to build it, impact the natural environment. Considering the location and the house’s need for power, the designers positioned it in a North-South alignment. The fully glazed roof is perfect for collecting the sun rays and converting the energy into power to be used in the house.

Outside side of wooden building with the drive way

The beauty of all the materials used in the building is that they are bio-sourced. In other words, they are biodegradable and do not introduce any foreign matter to the environment. The entire building is built out of wood sourced from the region where it is constructed. Additionally, it reduces the carbon footprint associated with concrete production.

Second floor view into the forest outside

The wood used gives the building its aesthetic beauty both on the outside and the inside. The light wood used on the walls and windows cuts down the cost of construction. Most importantly, the wood helps keep the building warm, reducing the need for artificial warming and cooling.

A living room with floor-to-ceiling windows facing a forest landscape

For a modern masterpiece, the PRS is an ideal living space that can suit any modern family. It has two floors, with the ground floor containing the living room, dining room and kitchen. The upper living space is home to private areas such as the master bedroom and bathrooms.

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Photography by Mathieu Fiol