The world of shipping container architecture just got a little bit more exciting. We recently heard about Froebe, a gold-plated shipping container bar from Linz, Austria which is the latest addition to the world of hip, mobile food establishments. Designed by artist Andreas Strauss, the Froebe is an upcycled, blinged-out container equipped with hydraulics and a ‘rich’ paint job — making for an eye-catching and unusual hangout spot to have a beer.

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The 20-foot-long shipping container used for Froebe originated from China before making its public debut in Linz, Austria on a public plaza between two museums. In order to get a permit for the upcycled mobile bar, the shipping container had to be less than 5 meters long. Since the original container was 6 meters, the container was un-assembled, 1 meter was sliced off, and then re-assembled afterwards. Then the entire box was painted gold and outfitted with a hydraulic system, so that it opens up with a push of a button to reveal a modern, red interior. Froebe is relatively minimalist inside, including just a long bar outfitted with beer taps, a back counter, storage, cooler and a place to wash glasses. After all, what else do you need to serve beer in an public plaza?

+ Andreas Strauss

+ Froebe Flickr Set