Remember how long it took you to build a house or car with LEGO bricks? In a matter of minutes you could slap together four walls and a roof, or four tires and a steering wheel, and your LEGO person would be living the good life. As adults, many of us realize that real houses and cars are much more complicated, but Eric Steenstra refused to believe it. Using a massive amount of LEGO Mindstorms pieces, Steenstra built his very own fully-functional go kart – and yes, it’s big enough to hold an adult passenger.

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Most working LEGO vehicles are tiny, like this mini version of the Mars Curiosity Rover. While Steenstra’s electric go kart is much bigger, it doesn’t pack a lot of horsepower, so he limits the load to an 88-pound kid. And because it’s built using 100 percent LEGO products, there are a few essential systems missing…like a steering wheel. Even though the kart can only inch forward at a snail’s pace, we still think it’s a childhood dream come true. If Steenstra can ever find a way to include some directional control and more power, it’ll be ready for the race course. See more pics here, or watch the kart in action below.

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