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The 59-square-metre (roughly 635 square feet) Kids Pod houses a bedroom, a playroom and a bathroom for its pint-sized inhabitants. The interior spaces are lined in pale plywood, creating a warm but clean feel. Ample windows allow daylight to spill into the play areas while tall ceilings make the space just as comfortable for adult supervisors.

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Mihaly Slocombe came up with a unique way to connect the Kids Pod to the main house – a glazed corridor with perforated shutters that double as a dramatic display when they’re closed at night. Made of silvertop-ash from eucalyptus trees found in southern Australia, the hinged cladding is punched with a playful pattern of circles inspired by the foliage of the surrounding vineyards. The shutters can be folded up during the day to shade the interior spaces, and at night, they allow light to spill out through the dots for a fantastical effect.

“It is playful, with more moving parts than is typical for such a small building: operable shutters, sliding walls, retractable curtains,” the Mihaly Slocombe told Dezeen.

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All photos by Emma Cross.