City dwellers often lack outdoor areas, which makes it challenging to find space to garden or a plot of grass to stretch out on. To solve this issue, London-based designer Pia Wustenberg has created a DIY kit that brings a private patch ofgreenery into your home. Called ‘The Garden Rug’, the indoor lawn can be watered, raised, and enjoyed in your own living room!

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The carpet, made from a felt-like organic material, fosters the germination of mossy green plants inside. Resembling a large grey pillow, it is a comfy place to read a book or sit with friends. The rug grows plants in spiraling floral designs right on the floor of your flat. Once the leaves have filled out, you can relax and sink your toes safely into the grass.

Wustenberg’s work largely focuses on adding comfort and greenery to the home – she has also designed plant-rearing chairs and furniture, and herb-growing shelves.

+ Pia Wustenburg